„I Reached My Goals“ – What’s The Next Step?

  You’ve done it! That picture that you had when you closed your eyes is showing in the mirror. You gained as much muscle mass as you wanted, your body fat is at your optimal level…all of your longterm goals have been accomplished! What to do now? What to do when you just wanna maintain […]

Workout Progression – When and How?

  As we mentioned in our progressive overload principle article the number 1 key to get the best results from your workouts is progressive overload. There we explained how to do it, in which ways to do it and told you that in order to progress by increasing the stress you put on your body […]

Progressive Overload: FAQ

  Well, my dear Gymbers, today we will ask and answer several questions that we think might be useful for you if you are still wondering if you should apply progressive overload in your workout routine. We will start with simpler questions and work up to a couple of complex ones. So, let’s get to […]

Progressive Overload: What is it and how to use it?! PART 1

In this article, we’re going to teach you about progressive overload – the most important law in strength and muscle building training. You’ve probably come across this term at some point and might even if you’re lifting weights, experienced few principles of this training routine. A plain translation of this principle is that overload is […]

Progressive Overload: Crucial Elements PART 2

  In the previous article, we’ve covered the basics of progressive overload principle. Today we’re going to teach you about some crucial elements which are most important for beginners but not less important for you with some gym experience. We’re going to explain some safety keys and safety rules which can’t be neglected or overpassed, […]

Progressive overload: The Prioritization Principle PART 3

  Well, everyone, it’s time to talk about prioritization, stuff that will push your body to another level. In our previous articles, we’ve talked about progressive overload principle overall and some crucial elements in order to keep yourself safe in order to put maximum effort for maximum hypertrophy. We’re gonna talk about all these various […]