Body Transformation – The biggest mistake you make [week 1]

The problem with “train, eat, sleep and repeat” The biggest mistake we make is, when you skip the gym a week or two, you make several months out of it.   You started binging or eating junk food again. Maybe you are smoking or drinking on the weekends again. Or you skipped a few workouts […]

Body Transformation – The problem with workout programs [week 0]

One of the biggest mistake that people make when day decide to get into shape is to start a training or workout program.    Yes, you heard right. A training or workout program is your biggest enemy.    And here is why.    Hi fellow gym members, here is the problem with workout programs.    […]

Body Transformation – Introduction

Hi fellow gym members, in this completely free blog series on I will guide you through my body transformation. That way, you can follow along with me step-by-step, blog post for blog post.   My goal is to make the whole body transformation process as practical, easy, and clear as possible for you. This […]